2019-2020 Course Schedule

Attached is the course schedule for 2019-2020

TRSS 19-20 Schedule_FINAL

A few notes:

  • This schedule is subject to change depending on actual staffing at the beginning of September. Any changes will be communicated to parents.
  • Math 10 could not be placed in first semester as it interfered with courses that needed to be anchored in place in the schedule. Parents wishing their children to have extra math practice can use kahn academy (a user account is required, but it’s free).
  • Fish farm will not be offered for the 2019-2020 school year so that other senior science courses can be offered. Students in grade 12 who do not yet have a senior science can make an appointment to speak with Mr. Smith or Mrs. Peever to discuss options.
  • Mechanics 12 can include Auto-mechanics 12 and/or Engine and Drive Train 12, as needed.

Pre-requisite Courses and “What Happens if I fail a course?”

  • Science 10 is the only pre-requisite for Chemistry 11, Biology 11 and/or Biology 12. Please contact mdeeley@sd59.bc.ca for more information.
  • Chemistry 11 is a pre-requisite for Chemistry 12. Please contact mdeeley@sd59.bc.ca for more information.
  • Grade 9 math with a final grade of at least 68% is required for admission into Pre-Calculus 10. Please contact lnorbury@sd59.bc.ca for more information.
  • Grade 10 Pre-calculus with a grade of 68% is required for admission into Pre-calculus 11. Please contact lnorbury@sd59.bc.ca for more information.
  • Students who fail any grade 10, 11 or 12 course must repeat the course (or in the cases of electives, an equivalent course) to meet credit requirements for graduation. Students repeating a course will be placed into classrooms as space allows. Precedence will be given to students taking the course for the first time. If there is no available space, you will need to either wait for the next year to re-take the course, or re-take the course through Distance Learning. For questions or concerns, please make an appointment with the school counsellor or academic advisor.

Graduation Numeracy Assessment Update – May, 2019

Here are a few things to know for the Graduation Numeracy Assessment. This information is for Grade 11 and Grade 12 Students

Date: June 25th, 2019
Where: The TRSS Library.
Time: 9am – 11am
Who: All Grade 11 students, and Grade 12 students who have not yet written the Provincial Numeracy Assessment.

Pre-Assessment Activitiescurriculum.gov.bc.ca/assessment/numeracy-assessment#pre

Practice Assessments: www.awinfosys.com/eassessment/eexams_sample.htm

Info Sheet: curriculum.gov.bc.ca/sites/curriculum.gov.bc.ca/files/pdf/graduation-numeracy-assessment-brochure.pdf

Calculator Policy:   curriculum.gov.bc.ca/sites/curriculum.gov.bc.ca/files/pdf/BC_Calculator_Policy.pdf

Parking Lot Repairs


Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, April 24th, 2019) the district will be repairing the TRSS parking lot. The repairs will take until the end of the week. If you are visiting the school, please park at the community centre tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.


UPDATE: Thank-you for parking at the community centre today! The repairs to the parking lot are finished well ahead of schedule, so we can resume parking in our parking lot starting tomorrow (April 25th, 2019)!

Family Resources

Mr. McGuire attended a Safer Schools Together training sessions in Dawson Creek this week. The presenters gave several websites and apps for teens, adults and families to check out together. Contained in the links below is a wealth of help, information and practical tools.

Erase Bullying
Mind Shift App for iOs and Android (Youth Focused)
Virtual Hope Box App (Older teens and Adult Focused)

A little known fact is that facebook, instagram, snapchat and twitter all have reporting tools that can be used to report bullying, harassment and other inappropriate public and private messages. These reporting tools are reviewed by the respective website owners.

For Students: Reporting bullying and harassment to a trusted adult at home or at school allows us to provide help and support as a community to those on both sides of the situation.

Grade 9s – Tuesday April 9th

Parents of students in Grade 9: We are asking the grade 9s to stay in class until the end of the day on Tuesday, April 9th (Parent teacher interview day) to complete their safety orientation with Mr. Bafaro, the loss prevention officer at Conuma Coal.

The class will be supervised by school staff from 2pm – the end of D block.

We will honour an early dismissal on Friday, April 12th at 2pm for the grade 9s. The procedure is that the grade 9s will leave their D block class at 2pm and leave the school premises as other classes will still be in session. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the school – 250-782-4227 or email Mr. McGuire: rmcguire@sd59.bc.ca