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Week of Sept 16-20

Hello Parents/Guardians

The Coal forum panel and roundtable: Thank you to all students for your participation, excellent questions and attentiveness during our recent Coal Forum Education Panel. the feedback from the presenters was that they were very impressed with our students: your kids!!!

Courses: This Tuesday (Sept 17) will be the last formal day for students switching courses. After Tuesday, a course transfer form will be needed. These forms are available from the counseling office. The forms must be used after this Tuesday for any class changes and must be signed off by a parent before the change can be made final. Parents, if you have any questions about your child’s program, please reach out to us. Mrs. Peever ( and Mr. Smith ( take care of our graduation program (grades 10/11/12), and Ms. Sieber ( works with the counseling department for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP).

Routines: The beginning of the school year brings with it learning and re-learning routines and rules for students. Thank you to students and our parent community for your feedback and support in our new routines around cell phone use during class time. We also thank parents for your support around our school’s three Rs. Respect, Readiness to Learn, and Responsibility.

Have an awesome week ☺

New dates, changes and notes to the upcoming dates appear in red.

Upcoming Dates
Monday Sept 16th – Fire Drill. 9:30am
Oct 1 – Live different concert/Presentation – whole school, 9am. Grad Parent Info Night 6-7pm
Oct 3 –  9am – Stephanie Morin Robert concert – whole school.
Oct 8 – Banff Film Festival – TRSS Gym at 6pm
Oct 14 – thanksgiving – no school
Oct 17 – Meet the teacher night. Come to meet your child’s teachers! 6-7:30pm
Oct 24th – Interim Reports
Oct 25th – No School – Professional Development Day for Teachers
Oct 30th – Halloween Dance, put on by the leadership class. Times TBA
Nov 4 – Grade 10 Literacy Assessment. time TBA. Mandatory for all grade 10 students.
Nov 8 – End of Term 1. Remembrance Day ceremony at 10:45am (tentative)
Nov 22 – Term one Report Cards go home
Nov 26 – Parent Teacher interviews – 2-3pm and 6-7pm.
Nov 29 – Professional Development day – No School for students.

Parking Lot Repairs


Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, April 24th, 2019) the district will be repairing the TRSS parking lot. The repairs will take until the end of the week. If you are visiting the school, please park at the community centre tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.


UPDATE: Thank-you for parking at the community centre today! The repairs to the parking lot are finished well ahead of schedule, so we can resume parking in our parking lot starting tomorrow (April 25th, 2019)!

Grade 9s – Tuesday April 9th

Parents of students in Grade 9: We are asking the grade 9s to stay in class until the end of the day on Tuesday, April 9th (Parent teacher interview day) to complete their safety orientation with Mr. Bafaro, the loss prevention officer at Conuma Coal.

The class will be supervised by school staff from 2pm – the end of D block.

We will honour an early dismissal on Friday, April 12th at 2pm for the grade 9s. The procedure is that the grade 9s will leave their D block class at 2pm and leave the school premises as other classes will still be in session. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the school – 250-782-4227 or email Mr. McGuire:

Tribe of One – Rik Leaf Creates Video With TRSS Students

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 8.00.34 PM

Somewhere You Need To Know is an incredible place called Tumbler Ridge. I spent a week working with students at the high school.

Students invited me to their Outdoor Ed classes where they learn to build shelters, survive in the wilderness and cook moose smokies over portable firepits made out of washing machine drums welded to lawnmowers.

Another class took me on a hike where just 17 minutes from the front door we arrived at Flatbed Falls. And we had multiple cans of bear spray with us because the wildlife is actually that close. (as indicated by the number of people who put up their hands when asked if they’d met a bear walking around town!)

I worked with the students to write and record the song featured in the video. The inspiration for the lyrics came from a conversation on the first day, because people often refer to small towns like Tumbler as being, ‘in the middle of nowhere’ and that sparked a conversation…if Tumbler is the middle of nowhere…where is the center of somewhere? And who gets to say?

This project was created over the course of one week and is a celebration of a very creative and talented community of visual artists, musicians, rappers, Career Ed welders and Go Cart racers, actors, skaters and all multi-talented individuals I met. Working on a project like this lets everyone involved recognize how their piece is special and fits with all those around them who are gifted differently.

Somewhere You Need To Know (lyrics)
So much to see
So much to do
I want to show you
The middle of nowhere
Is actually somewhere
You need to know about
What you don’t know
About our world
You need to now
Cause it’s beautiful

If you know a school or community that would like their students to have an opportunity to work with a professional songwriter and producer to tell their story, please pass this video onto them!

And if you’ve never been to Tumbler Ridge…GO THERE NOW! 🙂



Fair Notice to Parents/Gurardians

 Fair Notice to Parents/Guardians

In the event of a serious threat to the wellbeing of students or staff, A Violence, Threat and Risk Assessment (VTRA) Protocol will be initiated.

A threat is an expression of intent to do harm or act out violently against someone or something. Threats may be verbal, written, drawn, posted on the Internet or made by gesture. Threats must be taken seriously, investigated and responded to.  If the threat is immediate, the RCMP will be called upon to deal with the threat immediately.

 What is the purpose of a student threat assessment?

  • To ensure the safety of students, staff, parents and others.
  • To ensure a full understanding of the context of the threat.
  • To understand factors contributing to the threat makers’ behaviour.
  • To promote the emotional and physical safety of all.
  • To be proactive in developing an intervention plan that addresses the emotional and physical safety of the threat maker.

What behaviours initiate a VTRA?

A VTRA will be initiated when behaviours include, but are not limited to, serious violence or violence with intent to harm or kill, verbal/written threats to harm/kill others, Internet website/social media threats to harm/kill others, possession of weapons (including replicas), bomb threats and fire setting.

Duty to report

To keep school communities safe and caring, staff, parents, students and community members must report all threat‐related behaviours to the principal and/or the RCMP.

VTRA Teams at each school

Each school will have a multi-disciplinary threat assessment team. The team may include members of school staff and members from district and community agencies.

What happens in a student threat assessment?

All threat making behaviour by a student shall be reported to the principal who will activate the protocol for the initial response. Once the team has been activated, interviews may be held with the student(s), the threat maker, parents and staff to determine the level of risk and develop an appropriate response to the incident. Intervention plans will be developed and shared with parents, staff and students as required.

Can I refuse to participate in a threat assessment process?

It is important for all parties to engage in the process. However, if for some reason there is a reluctance to participate in the process by the threat maker or parent / guardian, the threat assessment process will continue in order to promote a safe and caring learning environment.

Provincial Exams

There have been changes to provincial exams in British Columbia. Most exams have been eliminated, although any student taking English 12 or Communications 12 this year will have to write a provincial. Check out the following link for more information Provincial Exams.

In addition, starting this year, students in grades 10 and 11 will have to write a numeracy assessment prior to graduation. Check out the following link for more information Graduation Assessments. The first opportunity to write this assessment will be in January 2018.

BC’s New Curriculum

British Columbia’s new curriculum is in its second year of implementation for students in K-9. The new curriculum includes a focus on literacy and numeracy skills while weaving in core competencies of communication, thinking and personal and social growth. In addition, students in K-9 will be taught Applied Design, Skills and Technologies and Career Education.

The new curriculum is in draft form for grades 10-12. Teachers teaching these grades may be teaching this new curriculum, the old curriculum or a combination of the two.

For more information about British Columbia’s new curriculum, please check out the following BC’s New Curriculum.


ERASE Bullying

Every child deserves an education free from discrimination, bullying, harassment, intimidation and violence. The ERASE (Expect Respect and A Safe Education) Bullying strategy is part of the Province of British Columbia’s efforts to personalize learning and supports for all students.

ERASE Bullying builds on the Province’s Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools Strategy (2004), which focussed on creating schools where students are free from harm, where clear expectations of acceptable behaviour are held for all members of the school community, and where there is a sense of connectedness. ERASE Bullying will help ensure every child feels safe, accepted and respected, regardless of their gender, race, culture, religion or sexual orientation.

ERASE Bullying also builds on effective programs already in place and will ensure there are consistent policies and practices across all 60 school districts, backed by strong community partnerships and support. Please visit for additional information.

As part of the ERASE Bullying initiative, there is a new website with an online reporting tool for students and parents. This tool allows for the reporting of incidents of personal bullying, potential fights or violence and more. Reporting can be anonymous, and will be routed directly to the district. The new reporting site can be found at The administration has begun showing the Reporting Tool to all students at TRSS.

As the first line of action, we encourage students to talk to someone in school. This could be the administration, teachers, support staff, or any adult/student they trust.