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Tribe of One – Rik Leaf Creates Video With TRSS Students

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 8.00.34 PM

Somewhere You Need To Know is an incredible place called Tumbler Ridge. I spent a week working with students at the high school.

Students invited me to their Outdoor Ed classes where they learn to build shelters, survive in the wilderness and cook moose smokies over portable firepits made out of washing machine drums welded to lawnmowers.

Another class took me on a hike where just 17 minutes from the front door we arrived at Flatbed Falls. And we had multiple cans of bear spray with us because the wildlife is actually that close. (as indicated by the number of people who put up their hands when asked if they’d met a bear walking around town!)

I worked with the students to write and record the song featured in the video. The inspiration for the lyrics came from a conversation on the first day, because people often refer to small towns like Tumbler as being, ‘in the middle of nowhere’ and that sparked a conversation…if Tumbler is the middle of nowhere…where is the center of somewhere? And who gets to say?

This project was created over the course of one week and is a celebration of a very creative and talented community of visual artists, musicians, rappers, Career Ed welders and Go Cart racers, actors, skaters and all multi-talented individuals I met. Working on a project like this lets everyone involved recognize how their piece is special and fits with all those around them who are gifted differently.

Somewhere You Need To Know (lyrics)
So much to see
So much to do
I want to show you
The middle of nowhere
Is actually somewhere
You need to know about
What you don’t know
About our world
You need to now
Cause it’s beautiful

If you know a school or community that would like their students to have an opportunity to work with a professional songwriter and producer to tell their story, please pass this video onto them!

And if you’ve never been to Tumbler Ridge…GO THERE NOW! 🙂